How to snap objects together?

I created a floor piece that has four sockets on its edges. I want the left edge of one floor piece to snap to right edge of another floor piece. Is this possible? If sockets can’t be used, would collision boxes set as triggers work? Snapping to grid will not work if I create curved road pieces. There is a tutorial for Unity 3d that uses collision boxes set as triggers at Redirecting...

Yep sockets are the perfect way to do this. You can just attach an actor to another actor and specify the socket and it will snap straight to it

I tried to use sockets but the center pivot of one floor piece will snap to a socket on another floor piece. If a floor piece has four sockets, I want the left socket on one piece to “snap” to the right socket of another piece or the top socket to the bottom socket.

Did you ever figure out how to snap one sock to another socket?

For the reference if your not using sockets, I use Pivot tool plugin, select face or vertex, then use unreals translate and hold down v while moving on axis. You can snap to vertex this way.