How to smoothly move a Pawn?

Hello. I have a main character which is a ADefaultPawn. Also I have a ground - plane with generated NavMesh. I use NavSys->SimpleMoveToLocation() to move my player. The problem is that player moves tooooo fast - it seems that it jumps to end position. I set MaxSpeed to 0 but it have no effect. So, basically I have two questions - how to setup smooth movement and how you guys finds useful info in docs? Because documentation is really bad - it have no descriptions, no examples.

P.S.: ADefaultPawn have MovementComponent (UFloatingPawnMovement).

Right now I don’t think that FloatingPawnMovement works correctly with navigation. This is something we should fix, and generally make it easier for new Pawn movement modes to work with our navigation system.

Can you say if this is fixed in 4.2?

No we will not have a chance to address this for 4.2 I’m afraid.