How To Simulate Mouse Over on a 3D Actor in a Level

I am wanting to be able to have Actors in a level respond to the mouse cursor being over them; in a similar fashion as mousing over a unit in a game in the RTS genre.

My thoughts have been to do line casts (ray casts) from the mouse cursor into the game scene; but my concern is if this will cause a hit to performance, as this would require line casts to be sent out at most once per frame, but at least once every few frames. That’s a lot of line casts.

Does anyone have any experience in setting up mouse over type events inside a level, with 3D Actors? Thanks.

I cross posted on the Forums, and received this answer: [How To Simulate Mouse Over on a 3D Actor in a Level][1].

The short answer is, there are OnBeginCursorOver and OnEndCursorOver Events that can be added to any Component inside a Blueprint. I tested out adding the Events onto a Sphere Component, and was able to program the behavior I was wanting.