How to simulate a normal human with tshirt, shorts, and sneakers?

Noobie question:
Is it possible to create a terrain just to explore it?
I’m mostly interested in landscape design. But I’m thinking of doing a mash-up of Strawberry Shortcake and Frodo Baggins world. This is the reason why I would want to do without the default player’s sounds and animations corresponding to a big bulky guy wearing an armature suit.

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Yes, you can just create a terrain to explore it :slight_smile:

Back to your main questions -> use apex for realtime cloth simulation.

Can we do real time cloth simulation in just apex or is there anyother way to do that?

@Mariah12: export one of the character from the Matinee fight scene; you’ll see that the rig on both of them have a custom rig for that “skirt” that they wear, so the cloth is not simulated but is joint driven…you can use the same technique.
Personally ( when I’m not using Apex ) I apply nCloth inside Maya, then bake the simulated result to the skinned rig I created for the cloth for every animation :wink:

Atm you can just do it with apex (except when you just animate your cloth parts with your rigg)

I had a brief look at a couple video tuts about Apex for real-time cloth simulation to learn about it. Looks like it could come in handy eventually. However what I need the most for now is just replacing the default player’s behaviour and respective sound for general motion (walking, running, etc). The only reason I mentioned my player would be using a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers was just to be sure you understood I definitely did not want to use the default. Having said this, would it be then easier than using Apex? Wouldn’t it just be a matter of unchecking a checkbox somewhere to remove the default simulation for motion? (just speculating).


@Nicolas3D Yeah you are right, they are joint driven. Haha. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
@ Thank you so much for replying. Now I understood it. :slight_smile: