How to sign the project, being an indie dev (no company)

Hello, I build a mobile game (android) and I have to sign (with a key) my project for release. I am following this page.
I am wondering what should I write in the boxes: Organizational Unit and Organization?
I’m an indie dev and I didn’t create a company (yet).

I created a website (.com) in case. Is it a problem if I create a company after releasing the game? Will I still be able to change the signature of the game? I already know the name of the company I will create, is it ok if I sign with it before the company is officially created? Do I need an official numero of company like the DUNS?

Same questions about the Google Play Store (for release).
And should I create an adress mail of my next company before I enter the google Developper program (Google Play Programm)?

I precise that my knowledge about all the legal stuff like publishing, releasing, everyhing that is after building a game is almost null^^.
I would appreciate any additional information you think I should be aware before doing anything. Thank you!


I filled Organization as my first name and last name, and it not been a problem.
Also you cannot change signing keys later, google says.
Additionally I enabled App Signing By Google Play.

I don’t have a company and I cannot answer questions about the company.

Congrats for ready for publishing a game.

Thank you for sharing your experience Aslan! :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll do that I think