How to setup touch input for mobile game n C++

Hi, I want to be able to recieve touch input from anywhere on the screen. I have no idea where to start as there is a lack of documentation (or at least I can’t find it. How would I set this up in c++

Thank you

So I just found out that how to get basic touch input. Which is what I need for now however, I’m leaving this open because I will probably need to handle multiple touches or gestures in the future and so one else might need it.

Here’s my code on my character

void ABaseCharacter::SetupPlayerInputComponent(UInputComponent* PlayerInputComponent)
	PlayerInputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Pressed, this, &ABaseCharacter::Touch);

void ABaseCharacter::Touch(const ETouchIndex::Type FingerIndex, const FVector Location)
	AddControllerYawInput(2000); // For testing

This is all whats needed for touching anywhere on the screen