How to setup platformer with character that moves around a circle

Hello UE4 Community.

I am trying now to build the character movement and camera follow for Specula. The idea is that it is a platformer that takes place inside a tube shaped level - ie, if you were to move right, you would eventually end up at the same spot.

My idea is to have a camera positioned in the very centre of the tube that tracks the character (I don’t think this will be very difficult to setup).

I’m wondering if anybody has any thoughts on how to make the movement path happen in a circular way as opposed to the traditional left/right 2D plane? Is this something that would have to be scripted, or does UE4 have a spline track that can be added that a character follows?


Hmm, i’m now thinking this should have been posted in either the blueprints or C++ section. But still unsure of the process - so maybe it’s ok if it sits here for now.

Maybe with a collision tube around your scene, and your player will slide along it.
Or doesn’t affect the player location but rotate the character from a pivot point (center of tube).

Hi fredakilla. Hmm, not so sure about the collision tube idea, but the rotating idea makes sense, although i’m sure there must be some way you can add a “track” for the character to walk along - i still want it to feel like a 2D platformer in terms of gameplay.

I am not sure but one way to go about it would be to make your tube type levels be the object of rotation?

Map your left and right movement to actually rotate the tubed object this will give a pretty good effect.

If you were to rotate the character himself it would not look as nice as this method suites a horizontal tubed type level rather then a vertical.

That makes a lot of sense, yes! So the character would actually be unable to move left and right… But would be able to jump. Genius. Now I have no idea how to script that, but will look into it. And suggestions or tuts you know oh to achieve this?