How to setup multiple part skeletal mesh to a single skeleton ?

How do I setup a character so it can have replaceable skeletal mesh for body parts ? Which is very common in MMO games.

I tried defining multiple USkeletalMeshComponent for each body parts (like head, upper body, lower body, etc.) but each has an animation blueprint associated to it, they seem to animate as separate entities.

In our previous engine, we basically had an array of USkeletalMesh* in USkinnedMeshComponent, but I’m not sure how unreal does it.

Please advice, thank you!

Hey polytopey, I believe you are looking to make modular pawns which there is an awesome Tutorial here:

There is a bunch of great community tutorials here as well:

Hope this helps,

Hi Hagg,

thanks for the pointers! This Wiki is great!

I was on the right path, just need a function call SetMasterPoseComponent to make it work.

Thanks again.