How to setup blueprints for a 1 player vs 1 player game?

I got how to setup a basic game watching epic tutorials and using blueprint, and it does work fine, but now i wish to have 2 players simultaneous in same screen at same time using different controlers (key inputs), so my question is:

how/what i must create and set as: myCharacaterController, myPlayerController, myGameMode in bp files to have a “1 vs 1” player game on same screen (not divided, not multiplayer, not networking).

I hope to be specific in my issue and thanks in adcance for any answer.

You need to add 2nd player, so engine will generate 2nd instance of player controller which can control other actor, but what i heard you can add player only via C++ (functionsn needed for that are not exposed, but im not 100% sure). Alternatively if your game is stricly local you can use single player controller, mak inputs for each player and control 2 actors (thru you would need to do custom possession)