How to set variable in transition logic in anim blueprint?

Hi , I am creating transitional animation in motionbuilder from my character , like it changes its state from idle to walking and walking to idle , on pressing and releasing of move forward key(W). So I have two walkstop animation ,when you release W , one from changing back to idle position when the front leg is left(walkstopL) , and one from changing back to idle position when the front leg is right(walkstopR) . I am creating two animations for this , because if you create single walkstop animation , it will be either from left leg to idle or right leg to idle , so in my walk animation , at 0% it starts from right leg , 50% it changes right to left , and 100% of the animation , it is back to its initial position , so when I release W while completing 50% of the animation , it will play walkstopL , else it will play walkstopR. Now , in my transiton state of anim blueprint , I can see that time remaining option appears , and based on that I can say it can enter this transition , but I want this in the walkstop state , not in the transition , so that I can blend between two walkstop animation based on the time remaining , or based on some other bool value , which is being set in the transition graph.

Now , I cant find the option to set a bool value if the time remaining ratio for walk animation is <0.5 , as Set option requires an input action , which can be placed in eventgraph , not in anim graph , so how do I set a bool value inside the walk - walkstop transitional logic. Also , if there are better ways to do this , kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance.