How to set up virtual studio

Good day, so we have recently bought an htc vive and we are trying to create a virtual studio.
so we have two base stations around a green screen with the vive puck on a camera.
we are able to get the tracking data in unreal from the tracking puck but now we are trying to import the footage so we can composite them together.

we don’t have the black magic connector so we are recording the video and tracking data at the same time and are now trying to figure out how to composite them together.
So we have tried 2 ways : one being using the composite plugin in unreal but that just puts the footage on the screen and moves where ever you look and is not as a separate entity.
the other method was applying the video to a plane and then removing the green this was better but still just gave off the effect of a flat plane.

how would we get something like this? ( )
where were able to have the subject we recorded in the middle of the scene in unreal engine?

thank you for your time!