How to set up static mesh to collide only with trace ?

I need to have a static mesh in my scene that isn’t going to be rendered in-game, but should allow only trace to collide with it. Is it possible? How do I set it up ?


Hi Motorsep, Zenitor from BlenderArtists here, did you find a solution?

Without specific info the advise may not fit what you need, (a box trigger may fit your need?, or actor setup with collision boxes with different object types set, or responses to trace channels the possibilities are endless)

One solution, and handy to know:
In project settings, under collision, you can create up to 18 new object types and 18 new trace channels, depending on your needs you can use one or the other or both.

once set up you can use line trace by channel and change the trace channel to the newly created one. Or setup an object trace to look only for specific objects, and set the object type in the mesh collision setting(custom collision, then drop down list)

example: under project setting, collision, create new trace channel, “invisible thing” easiest to set default ignore(then enable in specific mesh)
in the character or whatever is running the trace setup a line trace and in channel drop-down choose the new trace “invisible thing”
in the mesh you want to hit, set collision to custom and set all to ignore except “invisible thing”

that should do it. your trace will only respond to objects with trace channel “invisible things”
alternately you can setup object channels to essentially do the same thing. may be some advantage using one over the other.