How to set up player movement?


I am very much a newcomer to ue but after watching several tutorials and reading ue4 documentation I am at a loss. I cant figure out whats wrong with my char as he is not moving/walking around the scene,but as usual floats around in whichever direction I choose to.

In project settings I’ve set my DefaultGame mode to fps (thats the name of my game mode blueprint) and my default pawn class is set to MyChar (name of a character blueprint which I’ve created).

I’ve set up movement keys in project settings > input (axis mappings) (some basic stuff w for forward 1.0 S -1.0) . And linked some basic functions in MyChar blueprint (see attached) basically just move forward and backward. I hit Play button but none of the functions work there’s just Click for mouse control at top left side of the viewport which results in me flying all over the place which is not the result I am aiming for.

Thank you for your answers.