How to set up layered 2D Characters

I hope this is the right area.

I’m starting work on a project that will use 2D characters. I’m wanting to integrate a character customization, which means that different parts need to be able to be switched out. This makes me want to break a character in 4 parts: head & torso, left arm, right arm, and legs. The issues is that with different sizes, I’m not sure how to have the system figure out the placement of the parts in relation to the other parts.

I was thinking that setting up sockets, but that would involve a skeleton system. Any ideas for how to have the system know where to place the pieces relative to their parent parts?

Hey, usually with 2D you typically don’t use different sizes, you do blocks of say 64x64 in a grid. So for example a 10x10 of 64x64 grid gives you 100 slots or animation frames of 64x64 pixels. Google sprite sheets.

Using transparency you could put one grid on top of the other, i.e. the 64x64 tile of your guy beneath the 64x64 tile of his hat. Draw the hat in the relevant position and if the tile above and below are both 64x64 you’re there. Hope this makes sense.