How to set up a Top Down camera with 3rd person controllers?

Is it possible to set up a Top Down camera with the 3rd person controllers via Blueprint? I basically want to be able to jump and fall in a Top Down view. In my mind I’m thinking this is doable by merging two templates… The Top Down and the 3rd Person.

Should I set up the 3rd person controls in the Top Down template or should I set up the Top Down camera in the 3rd person template? Which case would be the most efficient and how can I make this possible? Since I have already tried to do so and it doesn’t seem to work.

Am I completely lost in my way of thinking? Is there another easier way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for the merciful!

Start comparing the two and find out how they work I would say.
Simply copy paste would be a quick fix, but if issues arries you risk being helpless.

Look trough the controllers, they do the heavy lifting, follow the logic and see what it does, once you understand them you will be enlightened how to proceed, you might even find it better to set up your own based on the knowledge you gained.