How to set the ue-world to the center of the oculus-Guardian ?


i am working on a project where i do not use any teleporation at all, all the action takes place in the
center of the unreal world. Now i like to set the ue-center to the center of my measured guardian system dynamical.

How or is this possible ?

Thanxx, Andy

no one ?

Am i the only one in need of a solution for this ?
How do you guys handle situations like that ?

uh… so, let me see if I understand this right…

when oculus starts, the HMD position is set to [0,0,0], which is the HMD origin. When the player moves, they move relative to this origin position.
When you create a level in UE4, it has objects placed in world space, which means they’re all placed relative to the level origin. You want the HMD origin to match the level origin?

Generally… this is a bad idea. You want to place player start locations anywhere in the level and have the HMD start there. You don’t want to hard code in any relationship between HMD position and world position. Why? Imagine a player uses artificial locomotion (gamepad, keyboard mouse, something else) to move the controlled character forward 5 meters. Suddenly, they’re offset by 5 meters from the world origin. Or, what happens if the player goes to a part of the level which contains an elevator, which moves the character? Or, what happens if the player tries to move into a blocking obstacle?

If you’re doing what I think you’re trying to do, stop. Do it the right way, you’ll thank me later when you don’t run into problems and save a ton of time.

Thanxx for your feedback Slayemin :slight_smile:

hmm, maybe i’m thinking wrong …

i have placed a console in my level at 0,0,0. The console is where everything happens to the player, means the player
can f.e. click on 5 elements to reach the next level.

When i start the “game” and i am NOT standing physical in the center of the guardian-system i may stand to close, to far or in worst case
INSIDE the console. Sure, the player can walk a bit but my idea was to move the unrealworld to the center of the guardian-system.

Not sure if this is needed or a good idea, maybe it is more save to just place a mark of the guardian-center in the real-world.

As more as i think about it, as more i am getting confused =)