How to set the current Location of my character to the final position of an animation?

Hi. I am using one of the mixamo characters and mixamo animations to animate my character. i play a sword slash after idle state and my character comes closer but snaps to the idle pos after that suddenly.
how can i set its location to the final pos of that animation?

I think you want to look into root motion:

so. mixamo characters don’t have the root bone in origin(0,0,0) . is it simple to add one? what should I do?

I don’t really know about root bones, but I’m sure you can find a tutorial on it. I did a quick googling and found this:

In the case that it doesn't work, it might be because the free version of the characters hasn't been updated since 4.5, as these threads should attribute:

In both cases this should answer your question.

here is a clear answer to this question and for every body who have problem with mixamo animations and characters