How to set settings separately for Android and PC?

I was hoping there’d be a max LOD for mobile setting somewhere so that I could allow PC to go higher while limiting mobile. Is this possible?

Also how do I set the render options separately for mobile and PC so that when I launch to mobile I get one set of settings and likewise with PC.

Edit: The only alternative I see is maintaining two versions of the same game where the only difference is a few settings like LOD, and other in game effects like bloom, etc.

Thank you.

If you look at tappy chicken it has logic to determine what platform its running on - you could do some in game logic with that. You could also in your build process swap out a different .ini file with the defaults

Thanks, that gave some direction. I can use Get Platform Name to determine what platform I’m on and set the max LOD that way for each mesh. Particle Systems can have a per emitter ‘LOD’/detail mode set, where is the system detail setting?

I don’t see why Tappy Chicken sets ‘IsTouchDevice’ true for mobile and false for Win/Mac seeing as how either can have a mouse or be a touch device. Just to clarify, a Windows computer with a touch screen and mouse would register the two separately right and not just both as mouse events? Likewise mobiles will register them separately (mouse through OTG cable) as well or both as touch events?

Edit: You set the system detail by passing r.DetailMode (0 low / 1 medium / 2 high) command.