How to set motion controller offset

I’m using a static mesh parented to a motion controller on my VR pawn. I want to place the motion controller in a certain position, so that the movements of the controller pivot around that position. However, no matter where I move the motion controller to in the blueprint viewport, it gets moved to 0,0,0 as soon as the game starts.

It’s possible to offset the static mesh from the motion controller, but that means the rotation of the mesh pivots around the origin point, which means it tracks a wide arc when it is far away from the origin, for example. What I want is for the mesh to rotate in place around a particular point in space according to my choosing.

Is there some way to set this up?

Bump. I’m having this problem now in 4.15. Any answer would be nice.

Are you using the Arm model?
I guess first you need to make sure that is turned off and then instead of trying to offset the controller, offset your mesh or scene component as a child of the motion controller