How to set an animation blueprint parameter inside an an actor blueprint construction script?

I suspect I know the answer already, but just in case I’ll ask anyway – Is there a way to set a parameter value to an animation blueprint inside the construction script? This is what’s going on: I have an animation blueprint that positions an arm based on a variable in the actor blueprint. The actor blueprint variable passes this value to the animation blueprint. The problem is that I need to have the actor respond to changes to the variable while inside the editor. Currently, changing the variable while in edit mode does nothing until you either hit play or simulate. The animation is a helper to make it easier to position the actor in the world. Can this be done? (Short version is I need the animation to run while in edit mode, even if for one frame.)

There are a few ways of doing that, easiest is probably to click on the mesh component, then instead of an animation blueprint, tell it to use just an animation.