How to set an actor to a player pawn?

In my game,there is a blueprint actor called Bp_Hang_Glider.Firstly,in the level blueprint,I cast the player pawn to it after the level exec the begin play node.So the Bp_Hang_Glider act as the default player pawn and it can handle all input from keyboard and other device.

The situation I was stuck in was that when the Bp_Hang_Glider hit something i destroyed it and spawned a new one in another location.However,the new one does not act well like before.It can not been seen and can not receive input event from keyboard or other devices.


I guess it is because the new spawned Bp_Hang_Glider is no longer a pawn.
So how can i turn it to a pawn so it can work well?

If your HangGlider is a pawn or not is based off what blueprint class you inherited from.

Your issue is probably that your PlayerController is not Possessing your HangGlider when you spawn it.