How to Set Actor to the "Right" of the another actor

I want to spawn in actor when someone places down another actor to the right of the existing actor.

I can’t seem to figure out what the correct thing to do is to get that to happen.

If you just add a value to the “X” vector it will be in world space, not from the perspective of the actor. I also tried multiplying the right vector by the number as well and that didn’t do any good either.

I also tried using the ‘set actor relative location’ node and that isn’t doing it either, its still from the perspective of the world space and not from the perspective of the actor.

How do I spawn an actor to the right of another actor no matter which way the actor is facing when I place it in the world?

Get actor Right vector, multiply by distance needed and add it to the original actor location:


If you want this new actor to be simply in the world space *right - Y, *then it’s a matter of adding extra Y to the original actor’s location.

Ahhh perfect, Thanks! That worked perfectly.