How to set a position for a button_device (SetTransform ?) ?


I try to put a button_device dynamically on my map.

I use verse script.

The method SetTransform from button_device class doesn’t exist.

I tried to cast my button to creative_prop_asset, but it’s not working.

I know that the creative_prop_asset can be placed dynamically by the TeleportTo method. But I can’t find an interract Event (InteractedWithEvent ?) from it.

My goal :
-Put dynamically on map a button_device to interact with him
-To interact with a creative_prop_asset (which was dynamically placed before)

Do you have any idea ?

I don’t think you can spawn anything at the moment. You’d have to place the button in the map manually in editor. Once someone interacts with the prop, you can “enable/activate” it

You can teleport/move the button in by attaching it to a Prop and teleporting/moving it, but I think you’re better off just manually placing the button

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: