How to select (set) Texture2D realtime from Blueprint

I have “Make Brush from Texture” node and I can select needed textures from the dropdown list in editor, but how I can set this texture field realtime from blueprint if its name is saved in the string variable (for example, “af”). Thanks.



In theory, there should be an ARRAY with all loaded system textures that I can loop, compare the name of the texture one-by-one, and post the right texture to in-socket of “Make Brush from Texture”.

Ok, thanks to Rotem, I found the way to do this using soft object paths:

  • Create a Make Soft Object Path node
  • The Path String should be the full path of a valid texture. You can see what that should look like by right-clicking one of your textures in the asset browser, selecting ‘Copy Reference’, and pasting that into a text field.
  • Plug the result of the ‘Make Soft Object Path’ node into a 'Convert to Soft Object Reference` node.
  • Plug the result of that into a ‘Resolve Soft Reference’ node.
  • Plug the result of that into a Cast To Texture2D node.
  • Plug the result of a successful cast into your Make Bursh From Texture node.

I just had the same question and your solution works great. Thank you!