how to scale only one side of geometry / closing gaps in geometry

Hello guys,

Just started using unreal and am trying to get a hang of things, I come from years of making maps with Valve’s Hammer editor

one thing that really bothers me is that I cannot just pull one side of a cube to make a wall, the “select and scale objects” mode scales it in both sides…

this is what I want to do:


I read that by going to “Geometry editing” mode you can select the side you want and just transform/scale that, but when I do it nothing happens

Geometry editing mode is indeed exactly what you are looking for. The only reason I could think of that might cause it to not work is if you are attempting to use it on a static mesh. It is intended for BSP and works just like your hammer example.

I liked hammer much too. Try supergrid, cheap and cool. Make own modular meshes and you can not grab one side, but scale gridbased well.