How to save gaphic settings?


I set up a ingame graphic menu with blueprint and it’s working pretty good. I’ll change all settings with console commands but they are only saved until the game is closed.
I could store the selected values in a save slot and apply them each start up - but I don’t think this is great.

So is there a way to save the settings to a config file? And also why are the config files in a build game all empty except the Engine.ini with some path and Oculus.Settings?

Thank you!

Check out this video from Isaac Threedart on youtube:

It worked for me, highly recommend it. :slight_smile:

He is using a default savegame. Thats one way to do it but i think this is not great if the game sets the settings each launch.
The best would be to write to a config, but I don’t know how.

@KAEPS133 Hi there, if you want to do config setup watch this video.

You will just need to have some C++ knowledge to setup each configuration. It’s launcher based. I created a launcher for my game but will keep the settings in game for now until I find another way.

Thank you Isaac, with that Tutorial I mad a Launcher for my UDK Game last year, the problem is i don’t know which config file ist the rightin UE4 - all are empty.