how to save deleted objects being deleted please HELP

hey guys does anybody know how can i keep my destroyed actors destroyed when i restart the game? im not asking about how to save and load im asking how to make them delete properly on load game. i cant seem to get them to delete properly every time i reload it deletes sure but it deletes way more than needed too please link me some tutorials if you have any or just personally assist
please ive been struggling with this for months now


i figured out a technique that nobody else uses so it goes smth like this
instead of destroying your actor you put it to -10000 in z axis
then you save the locations as array
(its easy to save locations as arrays)
so then after it loads at event begin play i add a branch that checks is it bellow -9999z?
if yes the actor is destroyed

but i am having issues with this for example having 2 difrent actors with same code one of them works the other doesn’t depending on how you save theyr location its pretty weird
i will update you after i figure it out

A save game is actually what you need, but I know it’s tricky to get it right. Why not try this?:

It’s free and makes sure your level comes back just like you left it :slight_smile: