How to rotate the mouse input?

i’ve added my player a side lean state as seen in the screen, but the mouse input (lookAround) is still the same as if i was standing, means to if i want to shoot the person in the screen, i have to move my mouse to the left direction, instead pushing it up trivially.

how should i manage the mouse input to set according to the camera rotation?

Hi ,

If you get a camera variable, you should be able to get the camera rotation and apply it to functions. What are you currently trying to do when you have rotated the camera?

i try to keep the input axis of the mouse attached to camera rotation, means moving the mouse up would move the camera in a “local up/down” axis of the character, and not world Z axis.

Have you tried checking the “inherit roll” box in the camera or camera boom?

it was checked all the way long.

Seems like i have found the reason and solved it partially.

it happens because mouse movement input is moving the control rotation, which in my case was directly linked to the character mesh, as soon as i “redirected” the pitch input to a “look up/down” animation instead rotating all the mesh, my pitch input was fixed. i believe that same thing will also fix yaw.

marked partially solved because in many cases, fps yaw doesn’t have an animation, so you have to mathematically tweak it if you are not using animation like i do.