How to: roads, streets and intersections?

So I wonder if there are some decent tutorials on that topic, on how to model and texture streets with edge blends to the terrain.
How to attache sidewalks to it. what I’m searching for is a NON LINEAR method, i know how it would work with modular pieces in a blocky way.
But how about long curved and wedged streets. how do you go about intersections that heave different street sizes and angels attached to it.

I’m looking for a kind of gta 5 look. I’m not trying to say that I’m trying to make anything near gta5 I’m just curious what techniques where used for all these streets and intersections.
Are they model individually and than brought together? and how come all these texture-blends don’t repeat that much while driving on a street?

It is a shame that this thread never got a response. I too and I am pretty sure many others would like to know this. Does anyone have any feed back on this? Or are people just ignorant?

in theory in a game like gta and other similar game the city, the road an much more are simple a scene where there were bonded the various elements like palaces, monuments, roads, and so on.
I want to emphasize the words “in theory”.

Is very rare find a game that randomize road construction/rendering because is a very bad approach cause to the high resource consumpion related.