How to reset ragdoll transform

I placed in the level a simple BP class with a skeletal mesh root. The skeletal mesh
has a physics asset associated with it so it starts the game as a ragdoll.
Every now and then I need to reset the actor back to its starting position and rotation
so when the game begins I store the actor transform in a variable. When the time
comes I’m trying to use it to reset the thing but no matter what I do the ragdoll
stays as is.

Right now the reset function does three things:

  • Sets stored transform on skeletal mesh component.
  • Sets stored transform on the actor itself.
  • Plays an animation where the skeleton is in a proper starting pose.

Yet the ragdoll does not seem to be affected at all.
Any ideas why or what to try next?

I’m running into a similar problem

In case someone needs it still (i did tbh): when you activate physics simulation your mesh is no longer attached. Just attach it back and set the relative transforms back to where they were and voila.