How to render to target?

Well, I’ve transferred from UDK to UE4, but encountered a problem, that is, when in UDK, I can just direct my scene capture actor to a cubemap as render target, but in UE4, I can’t seem to find the way to render to a cubemap. I’ve read official document, but it isn’t quite clear, and then I searched for solved problems, and found out that most of the time SSR+Metal=1&Roughness=0 material is enough to reflect, but in my case, I really need another way to add more reflection to my water, as it had a refraction effect and conflict with the reflection part.

I do have seen some official reflection example, as the one in Content Examples, and the lake in the Vehicle Game.
I’ve seen that in the Reflection Example of Content Examples, there is Render to Target selection, but I can’t figure out how the official get that part of property panel out, as I myself can’t find that in my mesh’s property panel…

So, is there any tutorial already, or if anyone can teach me?

BTW, I’ve also tried Render to Texture toolset, but that seem to be wrong for reflection, nor does official document say about reflection in this toolset. Don’t quite sure what does this do, if anyone knows, please tell me.