How to reference the activation of a custom event in Blueprint?


I want a certain custom event b to happen if the player enters a trigger box (done) and activates a custom event a.

How can I reference the activation of a custom event? Is there a nod for this in BP or do I have to solve this with variables?

Thanks in advance…

You need the reference to whatever BP the custom event is in. Drag off the reference and type the name of your custom event. That should pull it up for you.

Thanks. But how can I check if the player activates custom event a (player has to press a key for that)?

Nothing will know it has executed unless you communicate the fact.

Search the forums for Event Dispatchers if you want something that communicates a little more broadly. It takes more work to setup, but instead of executing a single custom event, the dispatcher will notify anything listening to it when it gets called.

Haha hey thanks very much. I already solved it using a variable.