How to reference level blueprint?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to access events inside a level blueprint?

I’m currently struggling to figure this out here, it seems level BPs are mainly to initiate functions elsewhere, not for other classes to send to?


You can use event dispatcher.

Yes, the level blueprint is not meant to accessed by other BP. Although you can call functions through event dispatchers like 123rockon already said.

Thanks, I tried it and it started to seem I actually should move the code around to another BP seeing as sending data to the level BP is a bit limited. Good to know now though so thanks.

Also in the process I noticed copy/paste variables into a new BP and afterwards adding vars to the new BP with those pasted names resulted in a successful compilation, nice! I think I filed that as a bug a while back… could’ve been a specific case at the time but anyhow - great.

The level BP wasn’t an option with the new merge tool by the way as far as I could see but this wasn’t a huge hassle.