How to record player transform every tick to a CSV file for data analysis for psychology experiment

I am in need of some direction. I am creating a training task for people with navigational disabilities for my Master’s degree and in order for the game to be effective we must be able to continuously track the player movement (including pitch and yaw) every 100-150 ms or so. The issue I am having is regarding actually writing these values to a CSV or JSON for the analysis after they play the game. Unfortunately the documentation regarding writing variables even to text files, let alone CSV or JSON are highly limited. Most of the answered point towards Rama’s Victory plugin but the issue is that it only writes a single variable or an array to a text file and then will overwrite those values the next time the node is called. Thus if I try to record player transform on tick for example, it will only give me the last tick that was recorded. What should I be focusing on for this kind of data collection? The other students in my lab use Unity as their engine and they are able to write the values they need to CSV and then use a MatLab script to read the files but I simply cant seem to find a way to do this in unreal 4 blueprints or even on C++. Any help is greatly appreciated