How to Reattach Foliage


Dec 6, 2021.Knowledge
Originally written by Ryan B.

There are at least a couple of cases where reattaching foliage is sought:

  • The foliage placement is fine, but the component upon which its situated needs to be changed out. An example of this might be to switch out a Landscape for a Static Mesh that has the same shape or vice versa.
  • The foliage has become detached from its underlying component. There are known issues with this happening and possible causes could be from moving its underlying component to another level, copy and pasting its underlying component, or modifying the shape of its underlying component.

Reestablishing the link between the foliage and the underlying component to fix this can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Enter Foliage Edit Mode.
  2. Select the foliage that you would like to reattach.
  3. Move the selected foliage up above the targeted component. This may be unnecessary if already the case.
  4. Use Snap to Ground (press the ‘End’ key) to reparent the selected foliage to the targeted component. The foliage will also be aligned to its underlying component’s normal if they were originally placed with this setting enabled.

Additionally, if you would like to create your own custom foliage snap feature or modify the current foliage Snap to Ground then FEdModeFoliage::SnapSelectedInstancesToGround in FoliageEdMode.cpp is a good starting point.