How to re-install failed UE engine to other HD

I accidentally tried to install UE 4.23.1 to d: drive, which was a big mistake as it is in my case just a few megabytes partition for storing images to be used in CPU cooler display. UE just cannot fit there, so I just cancelled the loading but now when I try to reinstall UE to some other location it does not succeed because installer always tries to install it to d. No matter that I have removed it several times. Only option I have is to continue failed installation which does seemingly nothing. What can I do…

not in any specific order

  1. you could try to uninstall the epic games launcher not just ue4
  2. you could let it run, even though it says installing i think it might be uninstalling
  3. check if ue4 is still installed on your computer in programs and if it is remove it from there
  4. if you can safely unplug your drive that you DONT want ue4 to be on, do that then try installing it