How to Put back weapon or add new weapon in FPS template

Hi all

I need some help, I am working with the first person shooter template, when I originally started to make my game I didn’t want a weapon so I simply deleated it, only was so long ago I cant remember how I did this because now I want to put the weapon back or even better replace it with a new model that I have. At the very least I would like to have the original weapon back, does anyone know how I can achieve this please?

Thanks for your time


Most folks here would say to merge your project with a new FPS template (Google “UE4 project merging”). However, if you’re not afraid to copy/paste, copy the assets you need from a NEW FPS template project into your main project folder. Some Dev’s would argue “NOOOOOO DON’T COPY PASTE EVER, AHHHHH”, but if you’re mindful, all is good.

P.S. Copy/paste works fine for me, but others say it ruins projects. If stuff messes up, it’s on you.