How to properly set up collisions for terrain (static mesh)?

I have a terrain model (static mesh) with 3 LODs (base + 2 more). The way I have collisions now is by using “Complex collisions as Simple” option and I suspect that adds to performance overheads, especially when using Capsule trace and running app on mobile device.

What would be the best way to setup collisions on mesh based terrain to ensure low performance overhead on mobile devices using Capsule trace ?


Just read somewhere that if I use “Complex collisions as simple” mesh will be rendered twice.

Is the mesh going to render twice if I have collision hull ?

If not, how can I generate collision hull in UE4 ? (not looking forward re-exporting 16 x 3 meshes that terrain is comprised of and then setting up LODs o.O)


Actually it seems that “Complex collisions as simple” is the only way to do collisions with mesh terrain.