How to properly get Google Play login UI, achievements UI and AdMob banner ad?

Ok so I have made this game (90% done) and I’m still stuck on not being able to call the player leaderboard screen, login screen and no banner ad for a couple months now. Been trying to figure it out but it seems there isn’t any complete tutorial on the web (no the wiki doesn’t help as it only explains briefly) and in the end I just can’t take it.

I need to work during the day and quite often until late evening, so I can only do my game by sleeping less. This has led me from prehypertension to stage 2 hypertension now and all this figuring and chasing in circles doesn’t help. It got my blood pressure to 170 so I had to stop Unreal for a month and tune my sleeping time.

But I’m not giving up so I really hope someone can show me the complete way on how SHOULD I implement Google Play stuff into my game?
What I wish to know is what are the prerequisites? I already have Google Play achievements, leaderboard, admob all set up, so that part is settled. But I need to know the workflow for blueprints.

I mean if anyone can show me how to have a working login UI screen? It doesn’t appear at all. And my achievements screen doesn’t appear as well. Maybe start off from a blank project and show the steps necessary to have a working login screen, achievements screen appearing and also admob banner ad. Really hope someone can help me out. It’s a waste to just delete my game after months of sleepless weekends doing it.

Hi, I really recommend that you look into Match 3 project from the Learn tab, as it has all the nodes setup properly for your references.

And I’d advise you to create a test project, testing all the things that you wanted, before actually putting it in your game. Good luck.