How to prevent this look?

Hello everyone,

My problem is in the image. When I close to the mesh, white stripes are in their normal size, however; when I move away from the mesh, the white stripes become bigger. How can I prevent this look?

In my material, I’m using a mask to make these stripes.

EDIT: In the second picture, the white stripes are too big. I want the stripes to be almost invisible when you look at them from far away.

The problem is white stripes are too big when you look at them from far away. I want their size to be same. In the second picture, white stripes should be almost invisible.

Yes but arent they the reflection of the floor? Maybe they’re too shiny and needs to be toned down for reflection to disappear?

No, the white stripes are created with a mask. I made a looking of a plane splitted into small pieces. It should be something related to textures.