How to prevent the first person camera from looking "inside" the character?

Hello, first post here.
So, I’m practicing a little bit of Unreal everyday till I have enough skills to make my own game. I started with a Third Person template and my first objective was to make a toggleable camera view (First person and third person), the code is pretty straight forward: Two bind actions, one that puts the camera where the character’s eyes are, and another that places the camera behind the character, third person being the default camera setting when play starts. However in first person camera when I look down I can see inside the character, is there a way to prevent that?
My logic would be that to check every game tick if the camera is past certain angle and if it returns true reset it back to what I would consider “Max angle” but I don’t know if that is the most effective way. Let me know please, thanks for you time.

You’ll need to “switch bodies” - i.e. have a first person body and a third person one and switch which is active depending on the selected camera. You can do this in the same blueprint/class by switching active components within the BP

You can set the mesh to be not rendered to the owner.