How to predict projectile arc beyond first hit


I need to predict the arc of a projectile, but with the three nodes I know of, that is PredictProjectilePath (advanced), PredictProjectilePathbyObject Type and PredictProjectilePathby TraceChannel,
all of them stops at first collision hit.
I need to get the arc from a in-air projectile to the first bounce and from there the arc to second bounce.
Any other node I can use of or any way to do this ?

No one ?
I hope I don’t have to start messing with equations :frowning:
I just need what PredictProjectilePath nodes do , but not stopping at first hit, just continue simulating a sphere trajectory after first hit or bounce.

Ok, I got it working.
Just in case anybody need something similar…
I call PredictProjectilePath again, but second time from first HIT position, and passing HIT velocity vector with Z component (up-down) inverted (* -1)…