How to post question only for staff?

Title says it all (:

Hi wmbuRn,

Without being a custom licensee there is no option to post non-public questions. Even still that does not guarantee an answer. Our main focus is answering questions in the Bug Reports and Installation and Setup sections when they fit that criteria. We do manage to answer questions in other areas as time permits though.

Is there a particular reason you do not wish to ask your question here on the AnswerHub or the Forums?

Thank you!


I work for a company and they don’t want to realase any content to public.
But we got some strange bug (some blackflashes on HUD on ipad mini 3, but doesnt happend on ipad 4, nor imac, nor windows). Can’t reproduce it on clean project. It flashes few times (2-3 time only on 1 section of the map, that blackflash is circle in shape, and as far i as know no object can cast shadows on hud. I wanted to send screenshot in private, but i understand

Okay, now that I understand. That is still possible. We understand that there are going to be projects that cannot be shared publicly like that and we can do our best to help still.

If you think you have a bug and even though you’re not sure of the repro you can still post a question in the “Bug Reports” section. Be as detailed as possible with the explanation about what is going on. All issues reported in Bug Reports and Installation and Setup are assigned daily to our support staff if they appear to be a bug or need verification. You can also mention here that you have screenshots or sample projects that reproduce the issue that you can share privately and the staff can let you know how to get the assets or screenshots to them.

If it’s a bug it should be reported even if it’s just in your project, there may be some things that we can do to assist or it may already be a known issue that crops up.



bug was in asset, i found it out by removing one asset at a time and test. I have no idea how would asset creat a blackflash on screen but its solved. Anyway, thank you for your help