How to pass Matinee actor Data between level blueprints?

Before I begin I’d like to mention that I am relatively new to the Unreal Engine so sorry in advance for any incorrect terminology.

I currently have a main-menu Level that uses a widget blueprint to allow the user to start playing one of three levels I have created for the game. Each of these three levels contains a matinee actor called ‘Level_1_Cinematic’ etc…

I would like the user to be able to play these cinematics/matinee actors from the main menu.
My Problem is that I cannot find a way to play these cinematics outside of the level-blueprint they belong in. Is there a way to transfer the matinee-actor data so that I can play the cinematics in the main menu?

I thought I could maybe store the data from the matinee-actors in variables and then transfer the variable data between the level blueprints?

So you’ve got 4 distinct levels, a menu and 3 “playable” levels? The 3 playable levels have matinee actors which are used for cutscenes?

Why do you need to play the cutscene matinee in the menu level? Surely you’ll be missing all of the scenery and such from the level the matinee is in?

That is correct.

The cinematics/matinees themselves are just a series of cameras grouped together to give a general overview of the level. I eventually plan on playing these cinematics/matinees in sequence to give a general overview of the “world”.

I have attached an image of my Main Menu, when i press the Play Level (X) Cinematic I would like it to give the overview of that given level, the Start buttons let you explore the level for yourself.

The problem here is that you will need to load a new map to have all the scenery and the world come with it. Just copying the matinee data would move a set of cameras about - that’s it. They wouldn’t see what’s in the other map, just go to the positions you’ve set in your current menu map.

What you can do is use server travel, load the new map and pass an option like ?playmatinee - Then, with a game mode (or level bp) check the level url to see if ti has that flag and auto-play the matinee when the level loaded and change back to the menu map when it’s done.

You cannot simply play a matinee from one map in another.

Ah, I see what you mean by missing all the scenery in the level now.

I think I understand the idea behind the solution you have given me (Open the level and play the matinee straight away, then switch back to the menu when it is finished) however I do not know how to actually do this (I don’t know about server travel or passing options? Are these nodes I can use in a blueprint?).

How would I wire that all together in a blueprint?

Sorry I understand this may be frustrating and seem very obvious but I am quite new to the engine and how things work haha

Server travel is a blueprint node, or maybe just travel. I haven’t done any of this in BP, but I could tell you how to do it in c++, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, most of the methods I’d use in c++ aren’t available in BP directly. You’ll have to play around with the terms I’ve mentioned to see if anything pops out. Map url, url options, has option, server travel, etc.

Ah right i see xD

Well I will have a play around in the BP and see if i can get it to work the way you have suggested.

Thanks for all the help anyway!