How to pass info from a .obj file loaded by assimp into UE4 using ProceduralMeshComponent?

Hey there, I have a program (written in OpenGL), where I load .obj model using assimp. It works, I have all info I need. I would like to pass all the information into UE4 and generate a model using ProceduralMeshComponent. Could anyone help me how to do that?

Here is my model and mesh class for loading the file with openGL and assimp:

Here is a demo where I was trying to load a square using 2 triangles in actor class using ProceduralMeshComponent, which works:
UE4 ProceduralMeshComponent:

How do I move from loading few triangles into loading the data stored from assimp? How do I use a vertex buffers and all that? Could anyone help me please? :slight_smile: What should I do? Any info appreciated! :slight_smile: thank you very much