How to package/release to mac OS X and Linux?


I was wondering; how do you package or release to Mac, Linux, etc. I have looked and haven’t found anything regarding as to how the process goes, and was wondering if there was anything I missed.

I do have the source code compiled, and was wondering where to go from there.

Thanks in advance,

OK. so after some searching, I found the Linux tool-chain. However, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a Mac OS X tool-chain?
  2. Where do I install the linux tool-chain?
  3. Are there any more tool-chains available?
  1. Building for Mac is currently only supported on Mac.
  2. You can extract the toolchain zip wherever you want. You will then need to create a LINUX_ROOT environment variable that points to the “toolchain” folder inside the extracted folder.
  3. You can install the Android development environment with the TADP installer found in …/Engine/Extras/Android. PS4 and XboxOne required files are available for the GitHub source if you are a registered developer with the respective console manufacturers.

OK. Thanks!