How to overlap with player camera while ignoring the player himself?

Hi, I am trying to write a blueprint script for teleportation. Currently the player gets teleported when he touches the “teleporter” (its just a plane actor) and it all works fine. The problem is that want the teleporter to only teleport the player once the player CAMERA overlaps with the teleporter (not the player himself). I have tried to edit the player blueprint (I am using the FPS template character) by adding a collision box around the player camera and then unticking the “Generate Overlap event” box in the properties of the player capsule collider but it still generates a overlap event when the player collides with the teleporter (completely ignoring the unticked box). Whats the best way to do this?

This might seem like real basic stuff to you guys but I am new to Unreal (coming from Unity) and I am trying to understand how colliders work in Unreal (in Unity you could easily identify what object collides with another by simply checking for a object “tag”).

You can use ‘Tags’ to identify a component in UE4 too


Thanks! I decided to identify it by Class instead of Tag but now I have encountered a different problem:

@Schytheron Connect Get Component by Class node to SetWorldLocation node instead of SetActorLocation.


Oh, thanks! Is there an actual difference in functionality between the two functions?

@ryanjon2040 It all compiled fine and all but now I have encountered a really weird bug. After I teleport to the other side my character is able to rotate around the room itself by just moving the mouse.

Made a YT video to show it what I mean

The code is the same as the previous one I posted. I just replaced SetActorLocation with SetWorldLocation. What exactly is causing this? The goal was to teleport the player camera to the position of the portal camera (along with the player himself). So for example: If the player camera component is attached 1m behind the player himself (the player FPS arms), then upon teleportation the player would be teleported 1m infront of the portal camera so that the player camera is in the exact position as the portal camera (That was probably a bad explanation, but I hope you understand).