How to obtain assets from another game

So I was looking around online and I saw someone as assets from Bioshock 1. Bioshock on Unreal Engine 4 (WIP) - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums. That’s the original post about it. How exactly does someone obtain these if it’s not from the developer themselves? Are they tucked away in the game files somewhere? My question is how would I go about finding assets like these in the game files for Bioshock or any game for that matter.


Discussion on the topic of ripping assets from games is not allowed per the forum rules

To clarify exactly what Darth is saying here: You can review the Code of Conduct rules here: Forum Rules/Code of Conduct - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Specifically, this is the rule that he’s citing:
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The other page mentions that the objects were from Bioshock, but the person there was not explaining how to get them or trying to distribute them. That’s a bit of a gray area.

Sorry to lock this thread, but any answer besides “Don’t do it” would be a violation of Rule 3.