How to not get a basic diaogue system...

Hello boyz & girlz !
How are you today ? :smiley:

Here I come to a new strange question !

*Once a day, a guy who wanted to make a manga game got some pretty good idea (I mean me :D )
He made lot of cool stuff with Unreal Engine, and he was happy !

But this guy now is sad...

He's sad cause he can't tell story in his game ! And he loves telling stories !*

So, here my problem :

I need a dialogue system but with real bubbles when we speak to an NPC !
So I begin to make something cool ! (Not the design but the fact ^^)

Let me show you what I have now with this video :

We can see that the character can go to the “invisible NPC” and put the action button when the “TALK” HUD item become visible.
Then the bubble come with a message inside.
You got a Widget with the different answer you can select.
My problem is that I can’t find a way the continue my event.

I wold like to get soemthing like :

  • When you click no you just leave the event.
  • When you click yes you got antoher bubble.

But when I try to make it with the widget part, the event can’t go more…

Here my blueprint idea :

Is there any idea about the blueprint communication between Widget and dialogue blueprint that I made ?
I try cast to player controller, cast to whatever you want ^^ Nothing happend I don’t know how to make something with that :frowning:

This is free to download and pretty cool to use if you would like to

Thanks a lot I follow this one, But I don’t want this render :S

I don’t want the dialogue “IN” HUD. I want it directly on the game instance. Like a house or another actor in the scene.

But I will make it like this one atm. I will take a look at Coherent labs later :wink:

In video 3 or 4 I think, they cover adding UI widgets to the World, and making them face the player camera. (Your images are too small to read, sorry)

You will need to bind the button to a function. You can change the function in the widget’s event graph to make it communicate with whatever controls your dialog.

The way I do this is, have the UI have a variable reference to your dialog blueprint. When you spawn the UI, set the reference (expose on spawn). This way you can access it when you bind the button to a function.

Nice tips Nodrak ! I will try this later ! Right now I have to work on another system for my game :slight_smile:

Here got the new result of what I have. I will fix it later. Thanks for your answers.