How to move landscape heightmaps

So i want to copy landscape from a different island but it doesnt appear simply copied, so i found that i probably need to export the heightmap but it doesnt seem to be working or im just not fully understanding the proper process, any help appreciated

Have you got the landscape Gizmo happening ?

Once you hit Fit Gizmo to Selected Regions (doesn’t require a selection)
Change its Scale in the Details to fit your Landscape

Copy Data to Gizmo

Hit the … in the Heightmap of Gizmo Import/Export to name it, then export

The rest I am not sure of, if you have to have the exact Landscape tiles & setup on the new map or wether anywhere the gizmo goes works.
but make the Gizmo the same size as the exports, select the Heightmap name and import…

I’m sort of going off some memory with a little bit of assumption, but I think this is basically how it is supposed to work

Yea i tried it like this but it doesnt seem to import properly, i can see that the heightmap is clearly the right landscape but it just doesnt import correctly. Also if you can, could you take a look at my previous posts, the winship one specifically, if you have any info on this it would help massively as it is very confusing to me, but thanks anyway

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